How to feel like a Kid again at Disney

Many people around the world think that Walt Disney World is just for families with small children, my family and I disagree. The magic, if you allow it, will bring out the child in all of us. There are plenty of things to do and see for adults.

This list will help bring out the child in all of us and can be enjoyed by all family members.






~~Have a Mickey Mouse shaped treat and take the time to savor and enjoy every little bite after all anything Mickey shaped is a delight to eatUnknown



~~Dine at fun and playful Restaurant ~ There are so many special Restaurants to choose from, these fun themes cater to children, but adults will enjoy them just as much

~~Reserve a Character meal, meeting the characters and the warm fuzzies and smiles that come from these meals are next to none and you and your family will have a great time making memories.

~~Hang out with littles and watch some Disney films, you will appreciate the theming so much more once you arrive at Walt Disney World

~~Stop and look at Cinderella’s Castle especially in the evening, it is simply spectacular it will definitely bring out the child in you and will make you look at Walt Disney World in a whole other way.

IMG_7555 (1).jpg

~~Go for a swim~ Splash, play, go down a the pool slide and swim this will surely bring out the inner Disney child in you.


~~Ride a Family Ride~ You don’t have to be a kiddie to ride the kiddie rides, your imagination will soar and will make grin from ear to ear 

~~Meet a Character~ There is nothing like a hug, wave, and interaction from a new or favorite character, especially one that you loved as a child.

~~Watch a Parade and Fireworks and take in all the energy, excitement and warmth from these magical moments.

So don’t be shy, get silly, have fun, laugh, giggle, eat treats, ride attractions, take time and slow down and let your inner Disney child free, it will so worth every moment.


I gratefully and happily do all these things with pride and love, Do any of you? What brings out the kiddie in you at Disney?

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